Support Training and FAQ event
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Support Training and FAQ event

Search Client & User Info

Used to locate and add the clients account. Best to use,
Client name

(Try the avoid the name field as there's too many results and could give you an "Oops" error)

Help Documentation

All the various help desk articles and guides to the features of the program including some extra about common issues. Includes API information - Login
Back end of the help desk articles, used to edit and create new Articles.

Atlassian OnDemand

Used to search up existing bugs and to a post new ones when you find/verify them.

Log In to Postmark

Only use the "Activity" tab to search for emails

Used to track account emails via their emails from our system to user who signed up with us. This also tracks invite emails for new accounts, password resets and all Guest Writer account.

You can copy/paste the contents of these email to the client email should they be blocked by spam filters but please verify their ID first

Used to track emails sent to events that contain media and other contents. Should watch the size limits and it must be emptied periodically.

Features: Top (98 ideas) – Customer Feedback for ScribbleLive

Used to locate existing feature requests and add new ones. Add to the comments if the request exist but another client has asked for it.

Scribble Support Manual

Training team wiki

Client training site, you can direct them here for classes should they need more help.

PagerDuty - Home
backend for the Off hours support program

ScribbleLive Status

Twitter API status
Status of our systems and Twitter, should you need to direct clients when they ask for updates 
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